1-2 page *plagarism-free* report and instructional resource on the

Apply copyright and fair use concepts to the development and acquisition of digital educational content for students in elementary grades. After viewing the video playlist provided, refer to the rubric attached and then do the following based on the videos:

Part 1:

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1-2 page *plagarism-free* report and instructional resource on the
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1. Write a 1-2 page report (double spaced, 12 point Times New Roman) on the use of Copyright and Fair Use in Education. 

Please address and identify the following items in the report:

-What is Copyright?

-What is Fair use?

-What are the four factors of Fair Use?

2. Provide an example of Fair Use in Education.

Part 2:

1. Create an instructional resource (i.e. checklist, flyer, presentation, video, etc.) for young students educating them on copyright and fair use.

2. Include in the instructional resource how you would expect them to apply the information when using pictures, video, text, and other digital content for their assignments.  The resource will explain to students and parents how you expect them to apply the information presented when creating digital content for classroom assignments as an educator. 


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