1 question 3 pages no citations required very urgent with in due 1



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1 question 3 pages no citations required very urgent with in due 1
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Be the equivalent of at least three (3) pages or 750 words

Be a written essay with well-developed paragraphs to answer the prompt.  

Each essay should feature multiple paragraphs.

As with your written papers in courses in the program, each essay should include an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion/summary paragraph.

Each paragraph should be fully developed with an introductory sentence, supporting sentences, and a concluding sentence.

It is highly advisable to provide the reader with a thesis statement and a thesis map for each answer. 

You should carefully plan your essay and demonstrate your knowledge of the area and your written communication skills. 

While no formal reference citations are required, you should include names of key individuals who stand out in the areas being discussed in the various questions.  


Based on your research in IT Choose one technology and describe how it was influenced through research. For example, robotics, computer-human interface, autonomous vehicles. Etc. Identify any breakthroughs in its scientific knowledge 


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