14 questions from anne of green gables | English – Supplementary Reader


1. How was Mr. Barry’s flat adorned for Elaine’s watery voyage?

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14 questions from anne of green gables | English – Supplementary Reader
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2. Why wasn’t Anne brokenhearted when she couldn’t go to Redmond and felt she must stay and teach?

3. Why did Anne think she might have a chance at winning the Avery scholarship?

4. What did Anne recite at the concert?

5. What awaits Anne and Diana when they are invited by Diana’s aunt Josephine to the Exhibition in Charlottetown?

6. What secret does Marilla tell Anne at the end of Chapter 37?

7. What were the results of the Entrance Examination?

8. How does Matthew finally succeed in getting a new, fashionable dress for Anne and what does it look like?

9. Why is Anne up in her room buried in her pillows?

10. Describe Anne, her dress, and her hair at the concert at the White Sands Hotel.

11. What does Miss Stacy propose her students do in November?

12. After a long winter of hard study how does Anne spend her summer?

13. What is Marilla moved to tell Anne in Chapter 34 and how does Anne respond?

14. What does Anne do when she hears about Marilla’s eyesight and her decision to sell Green Gables?


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