1920s news story | History homework help


The 1920s introduced many modern conveniences, such as the widespread use of the washing machine, and many modern ideas, such as buying on credit.

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1920s news story | History homework help
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In this assignment, you are to assume the role of a 1920s reporter commenting on current or recent events in a 1920s tense. Format your paper as it would look like in publication of this time.



Imagine you are a newspaper reporter.

Your News Story Topic: Birth Control Clinics



Write a 700-word (Minimum) news story. The news story must address the following:


  • Detailed description of the topic, and its significance to the time (1920s)

  • Implications for American society in terms of economic, social, and cultural trends

    Format and cite your news story according to appropriate course level APA guidelines.



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