2-3 quik | Human Resource Management homework help


reference book  Heneman, H., Judge, T. & Kammeyer-Mueller. (2018). Staffing Organizations (9th ed.). McGraw-Hill.  

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2-3 quik | Human Resource Management homework help
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reply to the students response in 150 words minimum and provide 1 reference


 Do individuals making staffing decisions have an ethical responsibility to know the measurement issues? Why or why not? 

Student response


Trying to understand the measurement issues for staffing decisions can hopefully help reduce any favoritism that is can be shown during the selection process. This can also give all applicants a fair chance during the selection process. Knowing the measurement principles and how they work will greatly enhance a company to meet the needs of its organization creating a system to hire the best candidates. If there’s a failure to use the measurement it can decrease a company’s effectiveness, and have negative impact on the employees, company, shareholders, and its customers or clients.

III, H. H., Timothy, & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. (2014, February 12). Staffing Organizations. Retrieved from https://www.mheducation.com/highered/product/staffing-organizations-heneman-iii-judge/M0077862414.html.


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