2 paragraph discussion on documentary (waste land ) and comment on 1

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2 paragraph discussion on documentary (waste land ) and comment on 1
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Write a 2 paragraph-post, addressing some of the concerns outlined below, and upload here. Comment on at least 1 other post by a classmate (this further facilitates your active learning process).

  1. What are your thoughts on Vik Muniz’s collaborative art practice? 
  2. What are you thoughts on his goal of having art change peoples’ lives?
  3. Does the documentary take a critical perspective on Vik Muniz? Does it follow Muniz’s perspective?
  4. How much voice does it give to his collaborators and their perspectives? What could this film have elaborated on more with respect to the recyclers?
  5. The film was made at a time when the problem of plastic contamination was already gaining attention. How does the documentary frame this problem? (According to the film, whose problem is it, what are its implications and causes, how is plastic impacting human and non-human life?)
  6. How does the film depict the relationship between humans and their environment? Where and how do people live, work, interact?
  7. How would you describe the film’s emotional tone and impact? How does it make you feel?

Learning objective: 1. Reflect on the pros and cons of individual-based approaches to addressing poverty. 2. Reflect on the pros and cons of what Art can achieve. 3. Be aware of documentary as a form of (selective) representation and how it invites viewers to feel and think. 4. Practice taking a step back as you evaluate what this documentary film does not address but maybe should! 5. Think about how the film (and Muniz’s art) conceptualizes the human subject in relation to its surroundings (environment)


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