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  • Respond to the posts of 2+ colleagues in 3+ sentences each. Use the “praise/question/polish” format in your responses. Remember to focus on ideas rather than on grammar. See “discussion board directions” for more on constructive feedback.
  • Make your post and replies no later than the start of class on the due date; late work will receive feedback but not points. Contact Prof. Ritt via email ASAP in case of questions or technical difficulties.

1)Based on the title and descriptive language of actions, I believe this story is set in a deaf dystopian society. And due to the body language of both Rye and the bus driver, there is no sort of power or control, making it an anarchical government. I was almost uncomfortable in a sense reading it after awhile due to the people not doing anything with the possibility of the man raping the woman. But I had a rush of relief when he didn’t do it. I didn’t the understand of the bus driver throwing tear gas in the bus though. I know his goal was to get all the fights to cease, but he should’ve known it would only make things worse. Rye is a very brave and relentless girl. Although her age was never directly stated, I imagine her being a teenager. So determined to make it to Pasadena to see if she still had any family left. I believed Obsidian had the same goal as Rye because of the way he helped her. Unless he saw something in her that made him wanna help her. They were both trying to fight the same thing. They both ultimately wanted the illness to go away.

2)Speech Sounds occurs in a seemingly post-apocalyptic/dystopian society where some Russian virus has infected those around the world, leaving them without recourse to verbal language. It is a sort of silent Babel the characters are condemned to by way of this virus – a society in shambles; a sort of Mad Max-seeming situation where cars would only be used as a weapon; where the bus comes around very rarely; where it is suggested that most people suffer from some ‘impairment’ – therefore the only common means of communication the characters have are physical gestures. It is not only that the characters cannot speak – the problem does not present itself as muteness – rather, they seem incapable of understanding, or perhaps have forgotten, their language. Because of this, we are given limited access to the characters’ thoughts, and they are as basic as the gestures they use to communicate. The writing reflects their almost primitive nature in this way, as well as through its often bare-bones style. The sentences are often very short, simple, and not at all complex. Since the construction of thought relies so heavily on one’s access to/understanding of language, the style is naturally sort of a mirror which reflects their limited/stunted means of engagement; their ability only to communicate through gestures and glances alone.

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2 replies | English homework help
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