2. rhetorical/ visual analysis essay


Choose an advertisement; it must be in a visual format. For example, it could be an advertisement from a magazine or a video clip of a commercial. Write 3-5 pages analyzing how that advertisement addresses the rhetorical situation as well as the rhetorical triangle in order to be more persuasive.

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2. rhetorical/ visual analysis essay
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This question should be taken into consideration when forming your thesis statement and writing your essay: 
Do you feel the advertisement persuaded you to buy/get/use the product because of its use of logos, pathos, and ethos? 

-Make sure your essay has a clear thesis and is organized

-It must be in MLA format

-It must meet the 3-5 full-page length requirement

-You should have a Work(s) Cited page citing the advertisement and where you found it

-It will be submitted on Turnitin.com ON TIME according to the date/time on your syllabus


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