5-7 page paper | Education homework help

I need someone to write a 5-7 page paper in regards to mental illness in middle aged children,  which you will identify and describe the problem you have identified for your action research proposal. Use these prompts to develop a robust discussion about your potential research topic:

What is the concern or problem that you believe needs a solution? The lack of mental illness assessements in schools that leads to bullying and suicide.
Specifically, what do you want to know more about?
What evidence do you have that this is a problem that needs investigating?
What information is missing in the current body of knowledge?
Why is this topic important?
How will your research project provide information for professional practice?
How do you know your study is feasible?Do you have the skills required to carry out an action research on this topic?
If not, how would you gain those?

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5-7 page paper | Education homework help
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Length: 5-7 pages APA style paper  ot including title and reference pages
References: A minimum of 3 scholarly resources


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