#5 strategic management and human assests

Individual Project 2-3 pages


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#5 strategic management and human assests
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Through the Internet and the AIU Library, conduct research for supporting your answers to the following questions:

  • Select a company of your choice. Study the company’ CEO and determine his/her leadership style.
  • Explain the type of leadership style the CEO possesses and its effectiveness.
  • Write a consultative memo to the CEO by providing areas for improvement in his/her leadership style, relative to human asset and strategic planning. Support your answer with research and cite according to APA guidelines.



Discussion Board 3-4 paragraphs


Using your text, the course material, the AIU Library, and the Internet, answers the following questions:

  • Select three different management styles and explain the pros and cons for each.
  • Explain the effectiveness of each leadership style in relation to human asset effectiveness and strategic plan. As part of your answer, please provide real world examples


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