600 words in total—due asap


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600 words in total—due asap
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Ø  9.1. Explain why a software system that is used in a real-world environment must change or become progressively less useful.

Ø  9.2. From Figure 9.4, you can see that impact analysis is an important subprocess in the software evolution process. Using a diagram, suggest what activities might be involved in change impact analysis.

Ø  9.4. Under what circumstances might an organization decide to scrap a system when the system assessment suggests that it is of high quality and of high business value.

Ø  9.7. As a software project manager in a company that specializes in the development of software for the offshore oil industry, you have been given the task of discovering the factors that affect the maintainability of the systems developed by your company. Suggest how you might set up a program to analyze the maintenance process and discover appropriate maintainability metrics for your company.



APA citation and references.


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