625 final reflection | Education homework help

Please respond to the prompts  below using fully-developed paragraphs with topic sentences.   Your  total written response should be about 2 pages – double spaced.

1.     How  has this course impacted your understanding of child and adolescent  policy?   To the extent possible, please refer to and describe any  specific concepts and/or processes that were particularly important to  you.

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625 final reflection | Education homework help
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2.     What parts  of the course were most interesting or compelling and why?  And, which  ones were less so?  Please include any specific additions or deletions  to this course that you would like to see.

The course syllabus might help you write the reflection**

Course Description:

This course provides an overview of how public policies for services for children and youth are developed, adopted and implemented. Topics include an overview of the policy process and the history and current status of government support for services for children and youth. Current policy issues related to children and youth will be used to examine how policy is developed; the influences of public opinion, the media, and advocacy on policy development; and the use of research to design and support effective policy solutions. Students will identify a public policy issueaffecting children or youth and conduct in-depth research on proposed policy solutions. 

Student Learning Outcomes:

•Demonstrate understanding of the policy making process and how to influence it through policy analysis skills.

 •Articulate the role of professionals working with children and youth in influencing and implementing public policy.

•Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the major policy areas affecting children, youth, and families.   •Appreciate the impact of policies and services on diverse populations.

 •Be familiar with the history and evolution of policies related to children and families. •Understand the values and trends reflected in key policies related to children and families. 


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