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Research Project

For this research project, you will be exploring a contemporary issue that you are passionate about or that you find controversial. First, decide on the subject. Then look for at least three library sources that can enrich your thinking and give you more information about the subject. Remember, this is a critical approach to the topic, so you should be looking at it from multiple angles. Read “On Photography” and use it as a guide. You can also read Berger’s Ways of Seeing for a better sense of what it means to look at things critically and analytically. Critically means to question what you see, or what appears to be on the surface. Analytically means to analyze and consider possible interpretations and scenarios. Your sources will help you understand the subject better and you will need to put them in conversation.

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711 | English homework help
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The subject can be from the readings we have done so far or from your own interests. Some possible themes can be writing about the self and challenges it presents, taking pictures and what it means from different perspectives, the human body and disease, the fight for survival, people and governments and the intricate relationships they build, passion and career, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, being a journalist and its challenges, fashion, ethnicity, social class, stereotypes, divisive rhetoric, race, gender, budgeting, prioritizing, family, friendship, social media, patriotism, global economy, global world, animal cruelty, education, fast food, culture, addictions, dieting, body image, media influences, the age of the selfie, and so on. You should use either the MLA or the APA to cite your sources and include a References or Works Cited page to list them alphabetically.

Your paper should contain at least 2500 words; it should be double-spaced and in Times New Roman, pt. size 12. You should leave a one-inch margin on all sides.


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