8 | Education homework help

 The topics covered in this unit align nicely with what we have studied throughout this course. Human resources management and organizational change management are integral to success in today’s organizations. For this final assignment, choose an article from the Waldorf Online Library that covers organizational change, and write an article critique. 

 The article of choice should be at least three pages in length and must have been published within the last five years.

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8 | Education homework help
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 After reading the article, briefly summarize the purpose for the study, and answer the following questions: 

 What is the authors’ main point? 

Do the authors’ arguments support their main point? What is your opinion of the article? 

Do you agree with the authors’ findings? How can leaders help establish a culture of change in an organization? 

What do you think is the best method for overcoming resistance to change in today’s business climate? 

 Your paper should be a minimum of three full pages in length, not counting the title page and references. Use APA-style format for your paper, including all references and in-text citations. 

Here is the article below that I choosen.

Reference:  Rodat, S. (2018). Organizational Change: Framing the Issues. Revista de Stiinte Politice, (59), 23+. Retrieved from https://link-gale-com.libraryresources.waldorf.edu/apps/doc/A557997425/AONE?u=waldorfcoll&sid=AONE&xid=9719b56c 


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