9 companies reflection | Information Systems homework help


Prepare a reflection paper of 2500 words on IT and cybersecurity presentations from the following 9 organizations. 

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9 companies reflection | Information Systems homework help
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You can use the wordings bellow 

1. e-Estonia Show-room 

· Personal identification code system

· Institute of cybernetics 

· European election (Voting) system,

· Blockchain technology 

· E-tax board

· E-banking 

· e-health

· Cyber security solution

· and over all about the purpose of e-Estonia show room. 

2. SEB Bank in Estonia

· IT infrastructure of the bank

· How they manage there system security and info security

3. Startup Wise Guys

· Leading B2B Accelerator

· How they attract investors  

Startup Wise Guys is a mentorship-driven accelerator program for early stage B2B SaaS, Fintech, Cybersecurity & Defense AI startups, providing seed capital (€30K), office space and most importantly – world-class mentors. 

4. NATO Co-operative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence

· NATO cooperative Cyber Defense Center of Excellence Tallinn, Estonia 


6. Creative Mobile game

· Gaming company 

· They use the concept of KILL MONSTER—GET GOLD—BUYSTUFF as gaming logic.

· A game consists of 

1. Content

2. User interface 

3. Story

4. Visuals

5. Controls 

6. Theme

7. Gameplay 

8. Mechanics objective

7. Luminor Group 

Discuss about

Luminor is a contemporary, new-generation bank and financial services provider in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with a local understanding of its home markets and customer needs. Built on the extensive experience of the two leading Nordic banks, Nordea and DNB, Luminor is the third-largest financial services provider in the Baltic region, with a market share of 16% in deposits and 23% in lending. With its customer base of 1.3 million clients and its team of 3000 professionals, Luminor aims to become a leading financial services provider for Baltic businesses and entrepreneurial people.

8. TAL Tech

· Cyber Security Specialization

· Attack cycle VS potential countermeasure

9. University of Helisinki

  For info use www.3gpp.org and https://mooc.fi/en/


 – Security and privacy in 5G

 – 5G vision

 – Identity and location

 -Active attack

 -Identity protection in 2G/3G/4G/5G

 -Public-key based solution


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