A career customized for me


A Career Customized for Me 

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A career customized for me
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An assignment to apply your Chally Assessment results 

Due Friday March 29th via blackboard

Please prepare a written paper, addressing the following: 

· State your predicted performance matches for the job roles in your results report (for each job role, were you a strong, good/moderate, or poor match?).

· Summarize your results related to your motivational characteristics (typically the last 2 pages of your report).

· Summarize your skill assessments. At a minimum, consider the following:

o What were five of your strongest skills, and how do they relate to a job you’d be interested in?

o What skills did the assessment make you want to improve? Considering the coaching tips provided in your results and the reality of your everyday life, what specific steps can you take to improve three skills?

§ Identify at least three skills and then provide a plan of action to develop them.

· Find one job posting that interests you and that you would be a good fit for. In your write-up, describe that position and compare how you scored on the assessment to skills and requirements of that job. Demonstrate critical thinking of the role your strong skills (per Chally) would play to garner success in this particular role. It may be a “sales” job, but it need not be, as long as you can compare/contrast the skills in your assessment results with the skills and duties mentioned in the job description. 

o Please copy/paste the job description of your chosen job posting/description on a separate page at the end of your document.

· Conclude with your key takeaways from taking the Chally Assessment. Did you agree with your results? How did you find this experience? Is this something you can use in the future—how?

Please take this opportunity to create a professional-looking document. You may organize the above components in any order and may format the document as you like; however, it is essential that you proofread and check for spelling/grammar (errors will result in point deductions). Please keep your write-up under 3 pages (not including the job posting), and be sure to copy/paste the job posting of your chosen role on a separate page at the end of your document. Upload your paper to the appropriate assignment dropbox on Blackboard as a PDF. 


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