A high level cs homework, creating a webiste. and it must use the


Work in a team to design and build a website! Worth: 20% of course grade. You cannot use your lab files for the final project.

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A high level cs homework, creating a webiste. and it must use the
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Team size 1-3 people

Roles (if you work alone you are everyone, most members will take on more than one role):

Project Stakeholder (instructor). Think of this role as the investor in your project.

Project Manager The captain of the development team. They facilitate communication, set expectations and make sure the team is on track. The PM reports the status of the project back to the Project Stakeholder weekly.

Lead Developer Responsible for all technical aspects of the project. This role should be assigned to one group member identified as your strongest programmer.

Junior Developer Everyone on the team that is not a Lead Developer is a Junior Developer. Junior Developers are expected to take technical direction from the Lead Developer and contribute to the project source code.

Web Designer The web designer is responsible for the overall design of the user interface. The Web Designer creates the Story Board / wireframe mockups of the site.

Content Developer Responsible for generating content (text, images, etc.)

Quality Assurance Responsible for testing the website. All links, images, HTML/CSS validation, etc. Errors are reported back to the Lead Developer, who either corrects the error or delegates the fix to a Junior Developer.

You may create a web site for:

  • Business.
  • Non-profit Organization.
  • Personal.
  • Site can Fictional or real (however latin text is not allowed).
  • It is a fairly open ended project to allow for creativity. Keep in mind if you do the minimum then you get a minimum grade.
  • Some Examples: Study Site for CS 008 (ie flash cards of html, css, php, etc. and or quiz questions), Portfolio of your art, photos, code whatever.

Consider entering your project in the CS Fair being held in Dec. Here are some projects from CS 008 entered in the CS Fair

  1. So Picture This
  2. Farmhouse Tuscany Rental
  3. 10,000 words or less


  1. Weekly Emails sent by Project Manager to the instructor. Please follow the format as outlined (no attachments):
    This report is due every Monday by noon starting on June 18th.
    Your weekly email is graded on:
    CC the message to your project partners Subject: CS 008 (what section you are in A, B, OL etc.) Final project status report Summary of this week: Summary E-Mail Example. NEVER SEND ANY ATTACHMENT, it iwll be marked wrong. Problems this week Goals for next week Time log Roles
  2. Create a complete and functional web site incorporating the concepts learned in this class (you do not need to use everything only the items that make sense for your site or are listed below).
  3. Create a design specification (External documentation) for this project (pdf or web page). Sample Project Specification Document (MS Word) and save as a pdf to be posted on your site with a link on your sitemap (you need to include everything i have listed in the sample but with YOUR information not mine.).
  4. Your interface should be easy to follow and understand.
  5. You need a minimum of one form.
    • Include one text box for a users email address.
    • Include two additional text boxes.
    • Include one list box.
    • Include three check boxes.
    • Include three radio buttons.
    • Include a Submit button.
    • Include field sets and legends as needed.
    • Data should be validated for not missing, valid format etc as needed with php, appropriate error messages will be displayed.
    • Form should email the person who filled it out. The from address needs to be your email address so i can reply to the email. Read this to help you be more creative with the email message (note i dont want you to use the php only see how they used inline style).
    • Form data should be saved to a csv file. Provide a link to this file on your sitemap.
    • Forms always need to provide feedback to the user so they know what happened after filling out the form.
  6. One page should open a data file and display the information in some way. (it could be a file of image names or it could be data related to your research or it could be the file created by your form, etc.).
  7. Minimum of six web pages.
  8. Create a new css file for the final project.
  9. You need to have five hundred words minimum per page (exceptions: form, gallery. however 4 pages must meet this requirment. You cannot just have all gallery pages.).
  10. Each group memeber must submit the project in Blackboard
  11. As always be sure to:
    • Validate your html and CSS (w3c.org).
    • Have the following Meta tags: author, content, description.
    • Have a link on your main index page to this assignment.


Technical: Proper use of PHP, forms work properly, HTML, links work, passes validation, satisfied all project requirements, good commenting in code, etc..

Functional: How usable is your site? Is it intuitive to navigate?

Style & Content: Creative use of CSS, overall design, images, text, etc.

Reports: Weekly status reports from the project manager. Submitted on time, thorough, accurate, followed provided outline.

Spec Document: Is it complete, accurate, storyboard quality, comprehensive, etc.?

Presentation: Preparation, professionalism, full use of time (5 min), all group members participate, etc.


  1. Develop a Team.
  2. Assign Roles: Project Manager, Lead Developer, Junior Developer, Web Designer, Content Developer and Quality Assurance
  3. Brainstorm Website Ideas.
  4. Project Manager reports group member names and role assignments including what each person worked on that week. This will be emailed to the Project Stakeholder – each week by Monday noon (Do note expect a reply, but it is part of your grade. Questions should be asked in the blackboard discussion area for the assignment).


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