A study published in 2009 indicated that __________ and __________

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A study published in 2009 indicated that __________ and __________
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A study published in 2009 indicated that __________ and __________ may be as important to elementary school children’s academic success as reading, science, and math.

  A. group activities; nutrition     

  B. nutrition; play            

  C. play; downtime        

  D. downtime; group activities


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The __________ rather than the __________ makes the difference for tooth decay.

  A. frequency of eating sugar; amount consumed           

  B. types of sugar eaten; amount consumed      

  C. time of day sugar is eaten; frequency of eating sugar              

  D. number of times teeth are brushed daily; frequency of eating sugar


Question 3 of 40

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Static balance can be practiced by playing:

  A. hide and seek.          

  B. statues.        

  C. duck, duck, goose.  

  D. jumping rope.


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Currently, __________ of all preschool children are immunized against disease.

  A. 30%               

  B. 50%                

  C. 70%                

  D. 90%


Question 5 of 40

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A child’s ability to conform to simple rules for safety benefits the __________ self.

  A. creative       

  B. cognitive      

  C. social             

  D. emotional


Question 6 of 40

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A willingness to take moderate risks benefits the __________ self.

  A. creative       

  B. cognitive      

  C. social             

  D. emotional


Question 7 of 40

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Alex was working on a puzzle. This was the favorite puzzle of all of the children in the room. After observing him for a while, his teacher, Mrs. Obrecht, believed that Alex might be experiencing an eye-hand coordination problem. She may think this because:

  A. Alex never chooses to work on puzzles.        

  B. Alex tried to push the pieces together in a different way.     

  C. Alex didn’t know who the characters were on the puzzle.    

  D. Alex became very frustrated with the puzzle and shoved the pieces away from himself.


Question 8 of 40

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A good creative dance experience would NOT include:

  A. a repetition of the same songs each time.    

  B. warm-up activities that are not intimidating.               

  C. multiethnic music.   

  D. encouragement for children to dance freely.


Question 9 of 40

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__________ is a highly contagious bacterial infection that can lead to death but can be prevented through the vaccine.

  A. HIB

  B. Whooping cough      

  C. Strep throat               

  D. Chicken pox


Question 10 of 40

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The number one cause of accidental death in young children is:

  A. dog bites.    

  B. ingesting poisons.    

  C. falling from playground equipment.                

  D. automobile accidents.           


Question 11 of 40

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Which of the following is NOT a sign of stress and tension in children?

  A. Clenched jaw and hunched shoulders            

  B. Poor appetite            

  C. Falls asleep easily / long naps             

  D. Headaches


Question 12 of 40

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Which is the best thing to say to a child to teach him or her to think about safety for themselves?

  A. “See, I told you not to run with your socks on.”         

  B. “I told you the floor is slippery—I was right, wasn’t I?”           

  C. “Our rule is, ‘We only dance in bare feet.’ Now why do we have that rule?”

  D. “You didn’t listen when I explained to everyone that the dance floor is slippery.”


Question 13 of 40

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Children who do not respond at all to changes in rhythm or lose interest when softer music is played may:

  A. be self-conscious about dancing.      

  B. have hearing difficulties.      

  C. be tone deaf.            

  D. not like music.


Question 14 of 40

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We are all familiar with the fact that many children have severe allergies to walnuts, almonds, and peanuts, but which other foods are the most common causes of serious allergic reactions in children?

  A. Milk, eggs, fish, poultry, strawberries, and wheat     

  B. Milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, greens, and gluten               

  C. Milk, eggs, fish, shellfish, soybeans, and wheat         

  D. Milk, eggs, strawberries, greens, and gluten               


Question 15 of 40

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Pale, apathetic children who tire quickly and catch colds easily may suffer from:

  A. chronic fatigue syndrome.   

  B. leukemia.    

  C. low blood pressure.                

  D. an iron deficiency.


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Janet is two years old. She would most likely be able to:

  A. run.               

  B. gallop.           

  C. skip.               

  D. hop.


Question 17 of 40

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Rolling, crawling, jumping, and skipping are examples of:

  A. rhythmic activities.  

  B. fine-muscle coordination.    

  C. locomotion.                

  D. balance.


Question 18 of 40

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According to the text, __________ of rape victims knew their attackers.

  A. 10%               

  B. 30%                

  C. 60%                

  D. 90%


Question 19 of 40

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Of all of the ages, four-year-olds need the most:

  A. challenge and variety.           

  B. love and attention.

  C. structure and discipline.        

  D. freedom and spontaneity.


Question 20 of 40

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Discussing anatomical differences with children should:  


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