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  Manne’s essay link:

Develop a 300-350 word four-paragraph essay based on Manne’s essay, “Why I Use Trigger Warnings,”. using the following paragraph organization and content

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Academic essay | English homework help
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1. Para 1: Develop a good introduction to the essay

o Capture the audience’s attention by stating your opinion or your experience about the topic or about the questions Manne raises.

o Give background, which can include your own understanding of what trigger warnings mean.

o Write a thesis statement which introduces the content of paragraphs 2 and 3 of the essay. 

o The whole introduction is about 50-75 words.

TIPS to create a thesis:

Start with the title of the article and add the two main ideas for paragraphs 2      and 3

Here is a sample thesis (fill in the blanks with your own main ideas)
 Kate Manne’s central idea in the article, “Why I Use Trigger Warnings,” is  that _________________, and it should be used by professors (OR, not used), because _________________.

2. Para 2: Develop a good summary about Manne’s essay

o Start with the topic sentence (the central idea of Manne’s essay)

o Your summary should state the most important ideas of Manne’s essay simply and accurately in your own words.

o It can contain some very brief, significant quotations from the essay. You must use accurate signal phrases and quotation marks to integrate quotations.

o It should not contain your own opinions or judgment about the essay.

o The summary paragraph should be about 100 words

3. Para 3: Develop an insightful critical analysis of Manne’s essay

o Start with the Topic sentence with whether you agree of disagree the professors should use trigger warnings

o Your analysis should answer the question (from your topic sentence):

§ Do you agree or disagree that professors should use trigger warnings?

o You must clearly state whether you agree or disagree with Manne, and you must explain your reasons for your opinion.

o Feel free to include Manne’s examples and your own personal experience as evidence.

o Your analysis paragraph should be about 100 words.

4. Para 4: Develop a good conclusion

o The conclusion should recapture the central idea without repeating it exactly.

o It can offer a recommendation or suggest the significance of the topic.

o The conclusion should not include any new ideas that have not already been included in the summary and/or analysis paragraphs.

o The conclusion should be about 50 words.

Your essay must include accurate in-text citations and a Works Cited. You must use MLA documentation properly. Remember to include in-text citations as well as a works cited page.


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