Accident risk assessment | Applied Sciences homework help

For this short essay (200–300 words), you will be analyzing risk factors in completed accident reports. First, look through completed accident reports available on the NTSB website Aviation Accident Reports. (Links to an external site.) You can search this site using the column headings for accident date, report date, etc.

Find an accident you think is interesting, download the PDF file, and examine the listed findings and probable cause(s). Considering the Safety Management Systems process, outline the risks the pilot(s) faced. Then, using your 20/20 hindsight, what controls might have been implemented to mitigate the likelihood or severity of the accident? Finally, are the risks you identified considered “future risks” (as depicted in NASA FAST Study from the Module 8 resources)? If so, what are possible mitigation controls to lessen the likelihood or severity of a future accident?

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Accident risk assessment | Applied Sciences homework help
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NASA reference

Aviation Safety Concerns for the Future (PDF)/NTRS – NASA (Links to an external site.)
This NASA Future Aviation Safety Team (FAST) report outlines future aviation risks.


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