adopting health information systems | Human Resource Management homework help


Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Chapters 4 through 6 from the Wager, Lee, & Glaser (2017) text, and read the articles by Knoer (2017), Merahn (2015), and DeGaspari (2013). In addition, watch the videos by AHRQ Health IT listed in the Required Resources section of this week.

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adopting health information systems | Human Resource Management homework help
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Understanding health care information systems planning and implementation is an important skill for health care leaders. Technology is advancing and the adoption of information systems in health care has progressed from being just a cool tool to a must have in terms of quality, access, profitability, and competitiveness. It is inevitable that managers and/or leaders will be faced with technology changes and/or upgrades, making the need to understand the basics of health care information system development and the standards required fundamental. Many organizations are opting out of acquiring a new health information system due to the high cost. Meanwhile, other health care organizations face resistance from their employees and other stakeholders when there is new system implementation.

Participate in one of the following discussion subtopics as directed by your instructor on or before Day 3 of the week in a 300-word initial post.

  • Evaluate at least three of the barriers faced by health care leaders in adopting health information systems and identify how they can be prevented.
  • Propose a solution that could be used to eliminate or reduce a cultural and/or behavioral resistance to health information system adoption.
  • Evaluate the processes that are involved in a systems development lifecycle (SDLC) and how the processes relate to each other.
  • Highlights the key points of what you have learned from your peer’s post.
  • Adds to your classmate’s content knowledge by sharing a suggestion or insight that your colleague did not consider.


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