Affirmative action paper, no plagiarism!

The original intent of affirmative action was to “level the playing field” and ensure minority groups were treated fairly during the employment process.  

Using the original goal of affirmative action as a framework, write a 1000 word(minimum) paper in which you analyze and discuss the evolution of affirmative action over the last 40+ years.  

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Affirmative action paper, no plagiarism!
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You must draw conclusions based on research from outside resources and answer the following question in your paper, “Has affirmative action been consistently and effectively used to create a more robust and productive workforce?

– APA formatted

– Title sheet

– References page

– 2-3 references (not Wikipedia). You may use the textbook for a reference, but will not count towards the 2-3 minimum. 

– Only the body of the paper will count toward the word requirement.  Please write in 3rd person.  


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