Africa plan for sustainable living 2000.00 per family

Project 4: African Plan for Sustainable Living. Imagine that you are in charge of the United Nations Developmental Program (UNDP), and that world cooperation has been achieved and you have been given a budget of 400 billion dollars to provide sustainable living systems to the continent of Africa. You need to be very economical to achieve the goals of the program, which are to provide each family with the following simple and renewable energy systems: 1) electricity supply, 2) a water purification system, 3) a cooking system that must be able to cook food year round, 4) a communication system, and 5) a refrigeration system using the photovoltaic system. Research renewable energy products on the Internet, and describe your plan to provide these five components for under $2000 per family. Describe each of the products that you have chosen to fulfill these 5 requirements. 

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Africa plan for sustainable living 2000.00 per family
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