All instruction are include that you would need.

Contrast the chosen ankle motion from step two below. Determine whether this motion or activity, chosen by your peers, could lead to injury.  What precautions could be taken to minimize the risk for injury? must be a minimum of 100 words.

Briefly discuss the functions of our hips, knees, ankles, and feet.   
HIP – The function of the hip is to serves as the weight-bearing and also helps with walking activities. The hip helps with stability of the body. The gluteus medius helps to keep the pelvis level when walking.

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All instruction are include that you would need.
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KNEES – The bears the most weight of the body, it helps in walking and bending, running and most physical activities.

ANKLE – The ankle enables dorsiflexion and plantar flexion. It is also responsible for the movement of the foot. The ankle also serve as a shock absorber as the heel strikes the ground at the beginning of the stance phase.

FEET – Provides mobility and stability during movement. The foot also adapts to the level of the ground to when walking, it also serves as a shock absorber, the foot serves as a stable base of support to propel the body forward.

Select one of the ankle motions, as outlined in your text (Chapter 20, p. 304) and describe a movement or activity requiring this specific motion.  

Dorsiflexion – According to our text, dorsiflexion occurs when the when the dorsal surface of the foot moves toward the anterior part. Some of the activities or motions that require dorsiflexion are sitting and standing up from chair, and walking up and down stairs, and squats.

Analyze the anatomical relationship between the ankle and foot for this particular movement or activity.

In a movement like sitting and standing up from chair, the joints of the bend to support the body’s weight while propelling forward and the foot stabilizes the body as it levels on the ground.

Select two common ankle or foot pathologies and determine which movement or activity could be the cause for these injuries.  


The two common ankle pathologies are sprain- caused by stepping on an uneven or during jumping and landing, and chronic ankle instability- caused by running on an uneven terrain.


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