All of the following are major disadvantages of the percent-of-sales

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Question #1 (1 point) All of the following are major disadvantages of the percent-of-sales method of financial forecasting except The computerized models needed for forecasting are not user-friendly It assumes everything in the business varies as a constant percent of sales It cannot account for business parameters that have a nonlinear relationship to sales The model requires excessive modification to reflect the real-world business parameters Question #2 (1 point) George Inc. only sells one product and they project to sell 4500 units next year at $20 each. They currently have 230 units in stock which cost $11 per unit to manufacture last year. Next year, the cost per unit to manufacture is expected to rise to $12 per unit. They desire to have 15% of unit sales in stock at the end of the year. How many units will George Inc. need to produce next year? 5245 4720 4945 5170 Question #3 (1 point) In 2012, Murray Corp. had sales of $700,000, a profit margin of 5%, common stock of $120,000 and retained earnings of $230,000. What was Murray’s return on equity? 5% 10% 15% 20% Question #4 (1 point) Due to inflation, profit may be a result of increasing prices instead of actual company performance. True False Question #5 (1 point) Chelsea Lighting Inc. has beginning inventory of 18,000 units, will sell 60,000 units for the month, and desires to reduce ending inventory to 50% of beginning inventory. How many units should Chelsea produce? 42,000 60,000 33,000 51,000 Question #6 (1 point) The following data can be found on Pinkerton Inc.’s 2012 balance sheet: Cash $45,000, Marketable Securities $70,000, Accounts Receivable $500,000, Inventory $525,000, Net Plant and Equipment $400,000, Accounts Payable $75,000, and Notes Payable $350,000. Please calculate Pinkerton Inc.’s Current Ratio. 0.21 2.68 1.45 2.39 Question #7 (1 point) When employing financial ratio analysis, it is important to remember that accounting data are historical and…

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All of the following are major disadvantages of the percent-of-sales
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