All things plc | English homework help


After reading Chapters One and Two in the text and watching the videos Solution Tree: Richard DuFour on the Importance of PLCs and Solution Tree: Richard DuFour PLC Keynote, respond to the following prompt:

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All things plc | English homework help
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In his videos, DuFour discusses the importance of PLCs and how school systems must shift to a collaborative culture to have a positive impact on student success. Choose one story from the All Things PLC website that interests you.  For your discussion post, summarize the story and then discuss your insights on the shift in school culture and how the guiding principles of a PLC (focus on learning, collaborative culture, and results) are applied in the story. Then discuss implications for teaching and learning and how the PLC culture can influence teachers.  Additionally, if you have had any experiences or professional stories with PLCs, discuss how the PLC has influenced your own practices.


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