Analyze malware and encryption options


Part 1: Malware Investigation (4 points)

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Analyze malware and encryption options
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Malware might be a stand-alone attack or a tool to deliver some other  form of attack. It could also be included within a larger solution supplied or created for the organization, or it could be an element introduced to various web activities including browsers and cloud solutions.

Describe how a larger organization would do an internal investigation into various concerns regarding malware in its various forms. Describe two of the tools and specific offerings to do the investigation internally as well as external organizations that might offer services or replace internal resources. Provide specific examples—and in all instances, cite and reference the product and service provider websites.  Provide 2 pages of content and use no fewer than 4 quality  Internet sources and 2 scholarly sources. All sources should have publication dates within the last five years.

Part 2: Encryption (7 points)

Create a 4-page review for the chief information officer (CIO).  Briefly review recent encryption problems based on the encryption techniques or the tools that use encryption for part of their function.  Consider not only sensitive information, but storage, backup, cloud,  passwords, and related issues. Extrapolate what you might anticipate happening in terms of safe encryption for national and international use relating to data storage, transfers, identity and access management,  inter-organizational integration, etc. Finish with actionable suggestions that are motivated by needs and covered in your review. Use at least 4 scholarly resources and 3 quality Internet sources. 


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