Analyze your topic from the other point of view

After choosing your topic, you state in your thesis statement what you will argue about it. Remember, a good report topic – as summed up in the thesis statement – should allow you to take a position or point of view on a particular subject. However, as important as your opinion is, it is just as important to know what other points of view exist on your topic. Often, the best way to win an argument is to become well-versed in the other person’s position.

For your first post, submit the thesis statement you developed this module for your research report project. Add a paragraph in which you try to imagine a different point of view from your thesis statement. It would be the view of someone who disagrees with you. What might the other side argue? How would you respond? Share your thoughts and then interact with the thoughts of one other student.

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Analyze your topic from the other point of view
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