Answer 4 questions | Computer Science homework help

A computing platform is a combination of a computing device, such as a specific laptop computer or PC, and a particular operating system. New advances in computer hardware and software are changing the nature of available computing platforms. Windows 8Android, and Apple’s iOS operating systems are now available on PC’s, tablets and hand-held devices such as cell phones. Hardware advances, such as smaller, more powerful computer chips that use less power, touch screen technology, and better speech recognition are changing the way we use computers.

Using the Internet, research the changing nature of computer platforms and address the following in our class discussion this week:

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Answer 4 questions | Computer Science homework help
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What different computing platforms do you use in school , at work, and at home? In general, what platforms are best suited to which specific tasks? How is the way in which you use computers likely to change over the next few years because of changes in computer technology?  What platforms are you using for this class or for this assignment?

Share any interesting articles or Website you find while working on this assignment. 


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