Anyone? j unit test cases

Who can write them? 


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Anyone? j unit test cases
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I also need someone to help problems debug a little code. It needs to be finished before midnight tonight.. its 9 here. 




1. Use heap, heaptest, priorityqueue, priority queue test as examples for how to write junit tests. 

Please use the same commenting format etc.


Be thorough (hopefully more thorough than the examples)


2. Red Black tree, and huffman need to be broken in to individual java docs for each class. Debugged( im having a few issues) 


3. hashmap and inverted, red black, and huffman need to Have j unit tests written for them. 


4. Please divide each into files. Huffman, red black, hashmap, inverted with their java docs and junit test java dogs. 


5. return to me by midnight. 





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