Apa 7th edition (2) | Nursing homework help

 APA Format 7th Edition -3 pages 

Topic-Smart bed technology promotes preventing decubitus ulcers and safety.

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Apa 7th edition (2) | Nursing homework help
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– State the topic of your paper

– Provide a brief overview of why the topic is important or relevant to nursing


-A paragraph summarizing your topic/ content of your paper. State the purpose and describe your paper

-Main body of the paper/ Review of Literature

– At least 4 references/literature that supports your topic. 

-Include critical information about your topic. Provide details of scientific or  engineering work done on the topic to date 

V. Conclusion/ Summary

– Summarize what you have written about in your paper 

– Include the main point that you want to get across

– Focus on the findings

V1. References

 Relevant previous work thoroughly reviewed that supports your topic

(At least 4 references, peer-reviewed or relevant sources, EBP, not

more than 5 years old

– At least 4 references

– Cite your references


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