Appalachian and arab heritage | Nursing homework help

People of Appalachian Heritage.

People of Arab Heritage.

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Appalachian and arab heritage | Nursing homework help
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Answer the following questions;

1.  Give an overview of the Inhabited localities and topography of the Appalachian and Arab heritage.

2.  Discuss any similarities in the beliefs of the Appalachian and Arab heritages regarding the delivery of healthcare.

3.  How the religion or folks beliefs influence the delivery of healthcare in these two heritages.

 You must cite or quote at least two evidence-based references (besides the class textbook) no older than 5 years old.  Two replies to any or yours peers sustained with the proper reference (s) are required.  An example of how to present the first page is attached for your guidance.

A minimum of 600 words excluding the first and references page is required.


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