Are you muslim? because i have homework need to do it as muslim and

Based exclusively on the PowerPoint slides of Topic 3, select ONE [only one] verse from the Quran (slides 1-9, 16-31, 33-48, 77-82, 86-87, 89-90), ONE hadith from Prophet Muhammad’s sayings (slides 64-76, 84-85, 88), ONE of the Five Pillars of Islam (slide 87), ONE of the five necessary purposes of Islamic law (slide 89), ONE major difference between Islamic law and Western legal system (slide 89), ONE of the Islamic values (slide 129), and ONE issue of concern to Western Muslims today (Western Muslims: Issues and Concerns, video clips 1 to 6) that you find significant and relevant to our time [for an example, about what ‘significance’ or ‘relevance’ could mean in this context, read carefully the short Hadith at the bottom of slide 65 in light of the current proliferation and dissemination of ‘fake news’ via ‘social media’, and read also the moral/legal discussion about the ‘duty to rescue’ in the BBC short story referenced at the bottom of slide 67]. Write a 300-400 word essay in which: First, you provide in sequence the full quote of each selection (followed by its source and and slide number, or video clip number 1 to 6, minute 1 to 10, between two parentheses) and a concise explanation of its significance and relevance to our time. Second, based on your learning from your selections and from slides 111-113, 119-120, 125, provide a thoughtful explanation of the geopolitical origins and ramifications of ‘jihad’ and ‘terrorism’ in Afghanistan since 1979 and in Syria since 2011. Write your name (NOT the name of the instructor) on the homework assignment. Each homework assignment in this course must be formatted as one or two Microsoft Word single-spaced paragraphs on ONE page and uploaded through the TurnItIn link (to check originality) by the deadline. No other submission will be accepted. Homework 1 is worth 10 points (10 percent of your final grade) and is due by 3/8/18 at 10 pm.

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Are you muslim? because i have homework need to do it as muslim and
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