Argument essay #2: politics (20 points total)

Argument Essay #2: Politics (20 points total)

Topic: Choose one of the following:

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Argument essay #2: politics (20 points total)
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1.      Have women achieved equality through the Feminist Movement? If so, how so? If not,  why not?

2.      Can Americans trust their politicians? If so, how so? If not, why not?

3.      Does religion still affect politics in America? If so, how so? If not, why not?

4.      Choose one of the following articles – Orwell (784-789), Swift (790-796), Machiavelli (797-803), or King (818) – and explain their historical context. What political unrest of the period gave rise to the essay? 

Sources: Find a minimum of eight articles from Academic Search Complete. You may use newspaper, periodical, or academic sources from this database only.  You may use one essay in the Norton Reader as a source. Do not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, reviews, online searches, or books. You will lose ten points if you use incorrect sources.

Length: 1500-1600 words.  Provide an accurate word count. This does not include the References page.

Documentation Style: APA. Be sure to provide a cover sheet. You do not need an abstract.

Structure: You may follow these guidelines to structure an argument essay:

1.      Introduction.  Establish the context and provide background information concerning the problem that you are dealing with.  End with a clear thesis statement which tells the reader what you are going to argue in the rest of the essay. 

2.      Refutation.  In the second paragraph of the essay examine opposing arguments and refute them, showing how they are incorrect or limited.  You may make some concessions, showing to what degree you accept some of the opposing viewpoints.  Provide at least two sources as support and evidence. 

3.      Development. The next paragraphs must develop your thesis by topic.  Develop at least three supporting arguments.  Put the second most important argument first, the weakest in the middle, and the strongest argument last.   Begin each support argument with a clear topic sentence that expresses your opinion in your own words (do not start a paragraph with a quotation or paraphrase).  Use at least three sources to support each topic.  End each paragraph with your analysis of the topic (do not end the paragraph with a quote or paraphrase). 

4.      Conclusion.  Give an interesting conclusion that provides new examples, statistics, or solutions to the problem.

Other Requirements: Use your sources more. Rely mostly on paraphrases but provide some quotations when appropriate. Find quotes that are memorable – do not quote simple factual information.  Use a lead-in phrase with every quotation. For example:  John Smith (2014) argues that “women have a long way to go before they have reached equality with men in the professions” (p. 23).     


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