Art of cinema | English homework help

Hello, I have an Art of Cinema class assignment needs help.


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Art of cinema | English homework help
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MAIN POST = 10 points

  • Your MAIN POST must be at least 150 words. Anything less will automatically lose 5pts..
  • Offer insightful, thought provoking, original ideas. (4pts)
  • Include terms/concepts from the course material, as well as specific examples from the film. (3pts)
  • Use proper grammar, sentence structure, spelling and punctuation. (3pts)
  • Once you submit, you will NOT be able to edit – so be sure to proof before submitting



Answer any of the following questions in your post on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, directed by Michel Gondry, cinematography by Ellen Kuras, and include specific examples from the film.

These questions relate to material found in Chapter 6 of your textbook on Cinematography and Special Effects.

  • How are special effects used in the film? To what extent? Are they appropriate to, and effective in, telling the story? Are they effective in making something look real when it isn’t?

  • Keep track of camera angles other than eye-level shots. If there are high- or low-angle shots, determine whether or not they are POV shots. That is, is the high or low angle meant to represent another character’s point of view? If so, what does the angle convey about that character’s state of mind? If not, what does it convey about the person or thing in the frame?

  • As you evaluate crucial scenes, pay attention to the composition of shots within the scene. Are the compositions balanced in a way that conforms to the rule of thirds, or are the elements within the frame arranged in a less “painterly” composition? In either case, try to describe how the composition contributes to the scene overall.


Please follow the instructions carefully and finish the work before due. Thank you.



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