Article investigation | Education homework help


For this assignment you will be reviewing an article from the area of child development. Your text this week has described some important concepts related to research with young children, and your task is to read and reflect on ONE of the attached articles in order to incorporate your understanding of these concepts.

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Article investigation | Education homework help
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After completing your reading, provide the following information for each article in at least one page:
1. An APA reference for the article (You will need to use your APA guide for this one! Warning: do not use the library website, it will likely be wrong)
2. A description of the research, including the type of study (descriptive, cross-sectional, correlational, etc. This section should be at least a half page)
3. A discussion of validity and reliability (Is this research reliable? Is it valid? Why or why not? This section should be at least one paragraph)
4. The results of the study (at least one paragraph)


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