Article report | English homework help

Choose a communication topic which you are interested . You may choose any topic but in the communication field.  Find an article from a scholarly journal on that topic (i.e. Communication Monographs). It must be about communication and must be a peer reviewed journal.  To make sure this is the case go to the library website ( (Links to an external site.)).  Under “limit results” click on full text and peer reviewed.  Write a 2-3 page (double space, 12 pt. font) report.  Use the following headings in your paper:
– Article summary (less than 1/2 page)
– Reason for interest in the topic
– Application (In this section, describe how the information could be used to make you a more competent communicator. Give examples, i.e. with, friends, spouse, coworkers, community).


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Article report | English homework help
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