Assessment alignment | Education homework help

For this assignment students will create a mini-lesson plan outline illuminating goal setting and identifying appropriate formative assessment to assess learning goals/ targets.


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Assessment alignment | Education homework help
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You may create this from scratch, or you may tweak one of your own lesson plans for this activity.

Identify your audience.  Grade level, subject matter, class composition/demographics.

Identify a specific learning goal / target from a set of standards.  (You may cut and paste directly from the Ohio Learning Standards, the Archdiocesan standards, other state standards or National Standards)

Rewrite this learning goal into a learning target in ‘kid-friendly’ language.

Identify the formative assessment techniques you will utilize to check for student understanding and monitoring student progress towards achieving the learning target.

Used attachment as only Resource . Chapter 4 (pp. 115-141) in Intentional and Targeted Teaching and another. 


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