Assignment 2: cms compare data

Assignment 2: CMS Compare Data

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal government organization, publicly reports information on hospitals and nursing homes. Locate the Hospital Compare and the Nursing Home Compare sections of the CMS Web site.

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Assignment 2: cms compare data
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Select one hospital and one nursing home, preferably ones you are familiar with or have worked at. Review the information posted for each facility at the Compare Web sites.

    • Compare the information available for the hospital versus the nursing home. Do you consider the information to be about structure, process, and outcome? Or would you describe it as inputs, conversion process, and output?
    • Summarize the results for each facility. What have they done well? In what areas could they improve? Would you recommend this facility to a family member?
    • Assess the usefulness of each Compare Web site.
      • Did you find the information helpful in forming an opinion about the quality of the facility?
      • Is this information likely to help the general public (i.e. someone without a healthcare background)?
      • What suggestions would you make for improving the Web site?

Write a 3-page report in a Word document formatted in APA style


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