Assignment due in 3 hours 40-50 minutes of work


This week’s reading questions are due Sunday by 11:59pm. Tap here to upload your MS Word file answering the following about EACH reading. Each RQ assignment is worth 4 points and must have responses to all the questions for each of the readings (min. 600 – max. 650 words) to earn all 4 points.           

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Assignment due in 3 hours 40-50 minutes of work
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For each reading assignment set, answer the following questions:

            1.  What do you think are the important points from each reading?

            2.  Which points are most intriguing or persuasive to you?  Why?

            3.  Which points do you disagree with or find unpersuasive?  Why?

 4.  What questions or critical opinions do you have about the readings?

   5.  What news articles or stories have you seen this week that relate to the theoretical concepts in the readings?  Give at least one example in your discussion. (Look one up if needed).


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