assignment for hifsa shaukat | Human Resource Management homework help

so the assignment basically is talking about the” buyer power” which is one of the forces of porter’s 5 forces model. I want you to write a page and a half or two pages on the “buyer power” in the industry of a company called “Big Lots” . so your analysing the industry exaplaining the role of the “buyer power” in the industry. If your not familiar with porter’s 5 forces model then tell me. and please no overview or long introduction.


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assignment for hifsa shaukat | Human Resource Management homework help
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Buyer power Can be stronger if…


Buyer switching costs to competing brands or

substitutes are low


Buyers are large and can demand concessions


Large-volume purchases by buyers are important to sellers


Buyer demand is weak or declining


Only a few buyers exists


Identity of buyer adds prestige

to seller’s list of customers


Quantity and quality of information

available to buyers improves


Buyers have ability to postpone purchases until later


Buyers threaten to integrate backward


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