assignment: musculoskeletal system disorders | Nursing homework help

 In this assignment, you will examine the clinical manifestations, pathophysiology, and developmental considerations for an acute and a chronic musculoskeletal  disorder of your choosing.  At least one of these should be a condition that is commonly seen in older adults.  

 Step 1 Locate at least one evidence-based resource to support your response.

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assignment: musculoskeletal system disorders | Nursing homework help
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Step 2 Download the attachment

 Step 3 Complete the worksheet.

  • In the header row of the table, enter names of the disorders.
  • In the remaining rows of the table, enter a description of the disorder, the clinical manifestations, the underlying pathophysiology, and developmental considerations (consider the physiological, psychological, and social implications of the disease in this age group).
  • Be sure to cite all sources used to complete the worksheet and provide a reference using proper APA formatting.


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