assignment: neurological disorders | Nursing homework help


In this assignment, you will examine the clinical manifestations, pathophysiology, and developmental considerations for two neurological disorders of your choosing.  Consider the effects of one of these disorders on infants or very young children and the other on any other age group.  

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assignment: neurological disorders | Nursing homework help
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Step 1 Locate at least one professional, evidenced based resource to support your responses. 

Step 2 Download the attachment.

Step 3 Complete the worksheet.

  • In the header row of the table, enter names of the disorders.
  • In the remaining rows of the table, enter a description of the disorder, the clinical manifestations, the underlying pathophysiology, and developmental considerations (consider the age of onset with respect to the physiological, psychological, and social implications of the disease).  
  • Be sure to cite all sources used to complete the worksheet and provide a reference using proper APA formatting


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