Assignment professional communication | English homework help

Clear communication is important in every aspect of our lives. How you communicate in a professional setting, especially in your workplace can help you accomplish goals, achieve promotions, or, on the negative side, prevent you from accomplishing goals, and achieving promotions. We communicate through various mediums on a daily basis and each medium has its own set of advantages, disadvantages and guidelines for effectiveness. 


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Assignment professional communication | English homework help
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Find at least two credible sources relating to professional communication.

This assignment requires that you discuss and compare the different mediums used for communicating in the workplace. During your research, you should attempt to find articles discussing various mediums for  communication (examples: digital, virtual, electronic, online, mediated,  text messaging, forums, discussion boards and face-to-face). 

List your sources using APA formatted references. 

You can organize your assignment in a question/answer format. Be sure to use information from your research to support your responses.

· What are the different channels you personally communicate through each day? What is your preferred channel? Why? Is this usually the most effective channel for the situation?

· How do you communicate differently in a mediated or online communication channel versus a face-to-face exchange? 

· Discuss why our communication behaviors change depending on the type of medium we use. 

· What are the benefits of using different communication channels in different situations? Are there any risks to using different communication mediums? If so, what are they? 

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· Identify strategies for using mediated and online communication effectively, including telephone etiquette and Netiquette.


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