Assonment : week 7 . assessment paper category : duo dale : mon. fug

Assonment : Week 7 . Assessment Paper

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Assonment : week 7 . assessment paper category : duo dale : mon. fug
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Duo Dale : Mon. Fug 22 2016 11 55 PM MST

Detail :           • Complete me final project addressing me ouesoons below Throughoutthis course. you have Selected a corroany to Sallow. assessing me

company’s hear as well as your hypotheacal investment or 51 000 The chosen company is publicly traded and has a market camtalizaton of $2410 button

·     Using Me outomda from Mose various acbobes dacussions and research pedormed during me course voile a formal assessment of the health of the Company Mu OM in a paper of apprOumately 1.750 words

·      Ensure mat your company assessment document address the following topics

o  Why did you chOoSe     parbcular company?

o  in wrist Industry dots this company Operate and how does it CI MO the Dart-cuter Indus:Ty? 15 it an induSay leader’ A Small Player? Does it operaM in multiple industries and do me =lapis operabons corrorement or hedge he companys overall strategy?

oThat risks does Me company lace on the surface Morn Week Two)? What addrbonal nsks or matters of concern did you discover wia analyStontempS drOCIeS. Dress ieleaSeS InduSay-wide Concerns) during your research?

o  Perform mho anatyus on the company and evaluate the overall head of the company rotor,* to its indutry based on Its ‘Mandel statements torn seek Trues)

o  Analyze me company’s Cnancing dm Mom Week Five)

·     Descnbe me comeany 5 intematonal OperabOns and nsks Mom Week Seven)

o  Business relabonships Would you be willing to maintain a rolabonstrp with me company as a SoCOlier?WhY or why not?

o  Emote:gee relabonshms would you be witting to yaOrk for the company? ‘Mai Motu COnmenSaben package Only included me company’s Stock (n0 Cash)?

o  Investor relationships Imagine you invested 31 000 in me company’s Mock on me arst day edam course How did your investment perform dunng the 8 weeks? Did you make money? n so what was the annualized return? Did you lose money? Earn a doidend?

about long-term pedArmanCe of the SIOCk? Prepare or provide a than Showing me company’s stock pnCe Over the previous 5-year Pence Would you want me company’s stock or debt in your 4011k1? Why or why not?

o  Has me arm executed any stock birrbartks,l1So what was the ect on the stock pace?

o  Calculate me WACC for your company

o  nyou knew at weeks ago what you know now about %nano. would yOu have invested in this company/ why or why not?

.     Formal your paper using 1W5r IStang Syie Her4book guidelines

·      include a minimum or our sources. which may cons’ of readings from me University library. your text and other setecsens



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