Behavioral economics | Human Resource Management homework help

 I attached the Case Study to review then the questions below need to be answered.

The Case for Incentivising Health document is based on Australian data, but the challenges of combating chronic disease there are similar to the challenges present in the United States.

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Behavioral economics | Human Resource Management homework help
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Read the case carefully and consider the list of main considerations those working in the preventative health space could think about when developing programs, policies or interventions to change behaviors listed on page five.

  • 1. Which of these cues do you consider to have the most impact in terms of changing healthcare behaviors of the patient?
  • 2. Which of these cues would you most readily respond to as a patient?
  • 3. Which cues do you think are most likely to be adopted by providers and insurance companies?

Support your responses with examples from your own experience, the case, or references to the textbook (Economics for Healthcare Managers) or other scholarly sources.


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