Benchmark – summative assessment | Nursing homework help


Formative and summative assessments should align with instructional objectives and provide instructors with a variety of ways to measure learning. Instructors have the responsibility to create a test blueprint before creating the assessment to guide them in item writing.

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Benchmark – summative assessment | Nursing homework help
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The purpose of this assignment is to create a test blueprint based on the health care practice you selected in Topic 2 and the objectives you created in Topic 3. After the blueprint is developed, create a summative assessment that consists of five multiple-choice questions. Following each question, include a short narrative that addresses the following:

1. The domain of knowledge each question addresses.

2. A rationale for strategies used in the development of your test blueprint and multiple-choice questions.

3. An explanation of how the test blueprint guided the development of your summative assessment based on learning objectives. 


Include the test blueprint, summative assessment, and associated narratives as one Word document. Add your test blueprint and summative assessment to your Nurse Educator Electronic Portfolio.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Topic 2 The  healthcare practice that I have selected is the private healthcare practice.


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