Best practices in collecting digital evidence: please don’t bid if

 Assignment Requirements

You have been working for the DigiFirm Investigation Company for several months. The company has a new initiative to continually improve its processes.There is a meeting scheduled for next week to talk about best practices in collecting digital evidence, as well as to fill in gaps in the company’s procedures manual.Organizations such as the National Institute of Justice and the FBI offer up-to-date recommendations on best practices, as do a number of reputable digital forensic resources.For this assignment:

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Best practices in collecting digital evidence: please don’t bid if
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  1. Research best practices in collecting digital evidence from a computer’s memory and hard drive.
  2. Briefly describe three significant best practices.
  3. Describe a legal hold and its purpose.
  4. Briefly describe a procedure for capturing video of a crime scene.
  5. Describe the significance of recording a computer’s time offset.
  6. Describe three best practices to follow when interviewing witnesses.
  7. Describe what to take screenshots of during an investigation.
  8. Create an electronic presentation for the meeting that highlights your findings.

Required Resources

  • Course textbook
  • Internet access

Submission RequirementsFormat:Microsoft PowerPointFont:Slide headings: Arial 32 pt; Slide body: Arial 32 pt (no less than 20 pt for smaller text)Citation Style:Your school’s preferred style guideLength:12 to 15 slides 


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