Big data case study | Information Systems homework help

Please read the case study and answer only one of the questions. Must be at least 250 words but i prefer 300.


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Big data case study | Information Systems homework help
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Here are the questions you can choose from :


6-13 Describe the kinds of “Big Data” collected by the organizations described in this case.


6-14 List and describe the business intelligence technologies described in this case.


6-15 Why did the companies and services described in this case need to maintain and analyze big data? What business benefits did they obtain? How much were they helped by analyzing big data?


6-16 Identify three decisions that were improved by using big data.


6-17 Should all organizations try to analyze big data? Why or why not? What management, organization, and technology issues should be addressed before a company decides tow ork with big data?


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