Biggest underwriting in history | Business & Finance homework help

Biggest Underwriting in History


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Biggest underwriting in history | Business & Finance homework help
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You are a volume trader. In that, you follow the crowd. You are interested in researching the largest underwriting in history to trade.


  1. Find out which security it is
  2. The underwriting amount (in other words, the IPO amount or how much funding did it raise)
  3. What is/was the company
  4. Brief history (enough to validate an investment position)
  5. Whether you are a bull or bear in the security.
  6. If this is an old company, determine your current earnings/losses if you held/shorted the security from inception to now (you don’t need to adjust for inflation, since the market will adjust accordingly).
  7. If this is a new stock predict what will happen to the stock in 1 year’s time (10/4/2015).


You don’t have to predict an exact amount, but you will have to decide if the stock will grow/decline after 1 year and if it will grow faster than the S&P’s historical average of 12%. Give some basis for deciding your position (e.g. company makes automobiles and auto sales are trending downward). As with the initial paper, length has no bearing on grade. If your finding are factual and your position is strongly supported you will receive an appropriate grade.



2-3 Pages double spaced.

Proper APA format with references




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